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Au’some Candies Inc.

Au’some Candies Inc. was founded in 1998 in New Jersey as a subsidiary of Candy Novelty Works Ltd. with headquarters in Hong Kong. Since then, the company has built up a distinctive profile with its interesting combination of games, fun and delicious sweets.

Au’some is known everywhere as one of the leading suppliers of trendy toy-candy combinations and as a real pioneer in the development of product trends.

The company constantly demonstrates its great talent for creating unique and innovative products.

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For long-lasting enjoyment

Flic’n’lic Lollipops – Remember?

A real classic, but more innovative than ever.
Flic’n’Lic – open the lollipop, lick it, close it, put it away.
Enjoyment for as long as you like. In many delicious fruit varieties.

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Au'some hinged lollipop Flic'n'Lic fruit flavor

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