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Fini Golosinas S.L.U.

Starting in 1970 with a single hand-made fruit jelly to a current automatic production of several thousand pieces per minute, Fini stands for extraordinary history and development. With the aim of national as well as international distribution, Fini constantly strives for continuous research and development to provide products of the highest quality. The success proves Fini right. With an incredibly wide range of fruit gums, marshmallow, chewing gum and many other innovative sugar products, Fini is the partner you want on your side.

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Our spanish partner

Play and have fun with Spinner Battle

Play first, eat later. Colorful spinning tops with which you can have a fun competition among friends. The loser just gets eaten.

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Fini Spinner Battle
Fini Basket Ball Gum

Fancy and delicious

Basketball gum with cola & lemon flavour

Chew first, then release a delicious, fruity explosion of flavour. If you keep it up, you’ll be surprised by a delicious cola & lemon flavour.

For more chewing fun.  Just one gum of many delicious flavours.

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