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Enjoy pure nostalgia – because good things last


start with “Do you all remember…”.

Sweet Stories® are true works of art from the sweetsman and with a hint of a nostalgic touch, they bring back pleasant childhood memories.
They are memories of the kiosk on the corner and a little pocket money that was carefully spent to then choose the eagerly awaited treats from the candy jars.
Sweet Stories® are sweets that bring smiles to adults and big eyes to little ones. “Do you remember…?”


SweetStories Lolly green Tridaix 2



SweetStories Lolly green Tridaix 2



Lots of handwork and love for detail!

Our Rocks candies and Rocks lollies are an impressive example of the high art of confectionery. Enjoy the filigree motifs that do not disappear when you eat them and remain visible until the sweet end.

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Popular with young and old

Show your children or grandchildren what you loved as a child. In our fast-paced times, it’s good to remember things from the past. Some people can tell little chats about Sweet Stories® sweets.

How, for example, you kept a licking shell for days on end so that you could have it for as long as possible.

Sweet Stories® has fans of all ages. Are you one of them too?

“Sweet memories that make you smile”


Sweet Stories®

Chewing gums and money box – COOL!

Awesome! Your own chewing gum machine that also works with real coins, making it a very original money box. In 2 sizes and lots of cheerful colourful chewing gums for endless chewing pleasure. Also a classic for the bar counter or in the office.

If you don’t like chewing gum, you can also fill it with jelly beans and have fun!

Sweet craftsmanship instead of mass-produced goods

Any idea of how rock sweets are made?

It takes a lot of man power and even more skill, as well as a lot of artistic imagination, to create such a filigree sweet. It all starts with a hot mass of sugar, water and glucose syrup.

After boiling, the mass is tipped onto a stainless steel table or a smooth stone plate so that the resulting sugar plates can be loosened more easily later.

Flavourings and colourings are added and mixed. The sugar plates are cut and the sugar is “pulled” again and again so that the colouring and flavouring substances mix well.

Now it’s time for the finishing work

Finally, you build a puzzle, flower motives, fruits, hearts or many other patterns by hand from the different coloured threads of thin and thicker strands.

Creativity has no limit. There are only a few experts left who are able to build these filigree designs and they are therefore very much in demand in craft workshops.

The design remains

Such a large rope with many colours is now rolled and pulled again and again and in the end thins down to the desired size to be cut and possibly be further processed.

With a stick, for example, we get a lolly. This is easy to do since the candy paste is still warm.

This very elaborate production method also explains why the Rocksbonbon always keeps its pattern, no matter how much of it has been ” licked off”. Such Rocksbonsbons can, of course, not be compared with industrial mass-produced sweets – simply because of the great handicraft effort involved.
Only a few manufacturers still create them in this way.