Mellow Mellow®

Do clouds taste like this?

Mellow Mellow®

Marshmallow new definition

Mellow Mellow® is a colourful variety of fine, fluffy, melt-in-your-mouth marshmallows that will inevitably turn you into a “serial offender”.

Whether Mellow Mellow® in XXL format (e.g. giant strawberries, giant lemons or giant oranges) or as mini pieces attached to a large “metre skewer” – the Mellow Mellow® range is as varied as it is unusual.






If you are looking for diversity, you will find it with us!

The wide range of marshmallows has always been one of our flagships. More than 40 different varieties belong to our Mellow Mellow® brand.
Mellow Mellow® is stylish, delicate, soft and cool.

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Different Marshmallows Mellow Mellow Tridaix

by Mellow Mellow®®

Another highlight

Feminine pink pink and spring green – inside a fine selection of the best marshmallow products. Appealing design of the inside and lidwith emotional appeal, a valuable souvenir.

For a fun girls’ night out. For all gourmets between 15 and 75, cheeky and delicate at the same time.

Your way to Mädelsabend

“You can’t get any fluffier than this!”


Marshmallow meets chocolate

Marshmallow is a new definition here too!

Mellow Mellow® Pralinés are delicate, fluffy marshmallow covered in the finest Belgian chocolate.

You can find Mellow Mellow® Pralinés in milk, dark and white chocolate. Wonderful together with a good coffee and in its elegant packaging a great gift to take home.

Confectionery marshmallow of the highest quality.

What else can we tell you about Mellow Mellow®?

For special occasions

Mellow Mellow® sparkling confectionery is perfect for many occasions For Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day, give your loved ones tender soft Mellow hearts in an attractive gift tin, or bright red hearts creamy filled in a tin with a fresh lid and peel-off “Love” label.

We have more marshmallows for Easter, school start, Halloween, for your girls’ night out and much more in store for you. We are also happy to arrange individual creations for you.

Just get in touch with us and we’ll talk about it.

Seasons with Mellow Mellow®

Mellow Mellow® foam candy also matches our seasons.

The sweet Mellow Mellow® annual calendar, for example, contains deliciously juicy-looking lemons, oranges and watermelon slices, for example to decorate a cake or as an ice cream topping or why not to snack away directly.

In the summertime, our colourful Mellow Golf Balls are an eye-catcher on the children’s party table, a great decoration on the ice cream cup or just to nibble on yourself. You can sweeten the winter weather with cocoa and marshmallows or a wintry marshmallow barbecue.

Mellow Mellow® in 3D

Mellow Mellow® foam candy in 3D.

Our three-dimensional creations are a very special Mellow event.

Whether ice cream cones, butterflies, little pigs, bananas, giant strawberries, lemons and oranges are high-end products second to none.

It is just moreish! Here, too, there are plenty of ideas for new product combinations.

With original packaging, you can tempt your customers and make them happy.