Yummi Yummi®

The delicious fruits from Yummi Yummi®

Yummi Yummi®

The fruit jelly from Yummi Yummi® for everyone tasty, unusual and distinctive. Selected taste concepts for many occasions and seasons. Tempting flavours and unusual shapes – for in-between or for constant nibblers. Whether sour or sweet – Yummi Yummi® offers the right solution for everyone with its wide range of flavours. Yummi Yummi® is a real alternative to global players.

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Yummi Yummi®
for all

Tastiness piece by piece…

Experience fruits in a different way. Whether you love sour or sweet, with Yummi Yummi® you will always find the right fruit gum for the right moment. And the best part? It is a feast for the eyes too. Funny shapes meet explosive taste. Piece by piece a delight!

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“I don´t want chocolate!”

yummi yummi®

Sturmwarnung 3 cans 76000

by Yummi Yummi®®

Sturmwarnung® are 3 dangerously delicious liquorice types that will blow you away. The only question is, how strong would you like it?

  • Sturmwarnung® Strength 5 – Fresh Breeze – NO BREEZE
  • Sturmwarnung® Force 10 -Severe Storm – SWEET AND HEAVY
  • Sturmwarnung® Force 12 – Hurricane – NOT FOR BEGINNERS

There’s a grade for everyone. And if you don’t want to fix yourself, you can mix and match to suit your mood. 3 x pure taste in the cool tin – also perfect for on the go.

Your way to Sturmwarnung®

Which Yummi Yummi type are you?

Find out

  • Gourmet or askete
  • couch potato or athlete
  • kid or oldie
  • loud or quiet
  • chubby or starved
  • muscleman or wimp
  • cheeky or cute
  • charming or grouchy
  • biker or trucker
  • Popstar or No-Name
  • godly or cheeky
  • friend or foe
  • pussy or pug
  • prince or princess
  • bean counter or bankrupt vulture
  • sleepyhead or slept off
  • pedestrian or cyclist
  • scatterbrain or prig
  • swimmer or not

No matter which category you belong to, with Yummi Yummi® you will find your fruit-jelly-dream.